Rory McIlroy: The Little Hollywood Star Dream Come True

When he was just a nine-year-old, he wrote to the number one golfer Tiger Woods that he was “coming to get him,” but now, McIlroy stands on the edge of joining his hero as a legend of the game.

McIlroy, who is now 28, requires just the Masters to finish the set of all four major titles. This is the honor, which is held by Woods including four others.
In the next week Augusta, resurgent Woods will be the only chief rival of McIlroy’s and this will add significant spice to this game.

However, then McIlroy, curly-haired and the grinning kid from Hollywood, Northern Ireland, has in the bin box office always.

On a TV talk show, chipping the golf balls into a washing machine after winning the World U10 Championship was just the start.

McIlroy was fascinated about golf from his early growing age and he used to learn the game from his father at the unassuming Golf Club of Hollywood outside Belfast. He would cry when his father used to say, it is the time to go home.

When he grew up and developed little more knowledge about the golf, Woods become his idol, who clinched his breakthrough by the win of 1997 Masters when Rory was even not quite eight.

In a documentary commissioned for the Open Championship Mcilroy letter was shared in which he said one day, hopefully I would be competing opposite him (Woods)”.

On this, when Mcilroy was approaching, he said, “Sometimes things that we dream for or want to achieve turned into reality. I am lucky that he happened with me. This match is going to be very exciting both for me as well as for people who know this fact. It would be exciting to see who is going to win.”